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OptiVisum eye drops for clear eyesight

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Main benefits *

✔ assists vision restoration *

✔ supports eyes hydration *

✔ helps the recovery of the retina *

✔ helps to normalize capillary circulation *

How does OptiVisum work? *

OptiVisum eye drops help to improve visual acuity and assists the relief of subsequent irritation and redness. It supports eye muscles and contributes their ability to focus. With its complex of vitamins and carotenoids OptiVisum assists the restoration of the retina condition and supports capillary circulation. It helps to restore the natural eye moisturizing process thus contributing the protection from drying and discomfort.


✔ Blueberry extract

✔ Lin seed extract

✔ Calendula flower extract

✔ Vitamin B6

✔ Vitamin B2

✔ Zinc

How to use?

✔ Dilute 20 drops in 50ml of water

✔ Drink twice a day

✔ Take it preferably in the morning and at night